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Vogelna street, no. 8 
1000 Ljubljana
mobile.: +386 (0)31 758 751 

I was born in 1971 in Ljubljana and in 2003 I graduated from Arthouse - College of Drawing  and Painting, with Darko Slavec, M.A. and Tanja Mastnak, PhD in Ljubljana. I have attended  several study trips, workshops and residencies both locally and abroad. I am the co-founder  and president of the Cultural and Artistic Association VIČ and the co-founder and leader of the  artistic group S.K.U.P. I live and work in Ljubljana, I exhibit regularly in Slovenia and abroad. I  have received several recognitions and awards for my work and I participate in symposia and  artist colonies. I run graphic and art workshops for children and adults, and have designed a  few publications. I occasionally cooperate with JSKD and ZPML and related associations in the  field of cultural activities. Since 2006, I have been regularly exhibiting at the Krka Gallery in  Ljubljana. I am an active member of Art association of Ljubljana, DLUL and have a seat in the  Executive Committee of the association. President of the Section of painters at ZDSLU, with  whom I actively collaborate. I am registered as painter at the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia  and I have the status of self-employed in culture with the support of the Ministry of Culture. 
In my work I use different approaches and materials and I explore various techniques from  sculpture and graphic printmaking to painting. I am interested in diverse aspects of human  life, beliefs and values, as can be seen in the series "Wire sculptures". In the series "Money", I  explored the mythical and revered role of money, showing the power of capitalism  represented by money and how it affects our lives. In the art project "Brankomat" I deal with  the possibility of transmitting diseases through money. The money, after it has been manually  washed and scrubbed still does not transmit viruses, e.g. Corona virus, but studies have shown  that money can be very dirty. 
I am particularly sensitive to the current state of capitalist society and the consequences it has  on human life, a theme I explored in the series "Silhouettes". This series of paintings is  executed on inflatable bags, which are primarily intended to protect goods during transport.  The medium itself, the inflatable bag, serves as a base, a surface for creation - I change the  practical utility of cargo packaging and offer it a new, creative value. Alongside I am opening  the questions of globalisation, global market, transportation of goods from one end of world  to the other, and the transport of people – migrations. Rows of people from Middle East and  Africa, standing at the door of consumer Europe, in search of new opportunities. 
I started painting the Silhouettes series at an artist residency in Paris several years ago, where  there were similar rows of people, consumers in front of shopping centers, where usually  there are a lot of people crowded in a small space. With the onset of Covid 19 epidemic, the 
streets and malls became "ghost towns", empty visions of architecture, buildings, roads,  without people…. With the many halts to the so-called “normal life” I was being drawn to new  images of groups of people standing in rows, waiting for vaccinations, for testing, in front of  stores, banks, post offices, etc, with a security distance in between.  
During the global Covid 19 pandemic, I connected several cycles of my paintings and upgraded  some of my images with the topic of the coronavirus, and additionally created new series of  paintings and graphic prints, for example: Mr. Covid, Miss Covid, silhouettes 37.5 C, graphics  < 37.5 C. 


Galerija DLUL / Ljubljana 
Galerija KD Šmarje pri Jelšah / Šmarje pri Jelšah 
Grad Sevnica, Mosconova galerija, Trienalna razstava 21/22/23 Arteko Šentjanž / Sevnica Grad Beltinci, 30.let likovne kolonije »IZAK« Lipovci / Beltinci 
Galerija peterokotni stolp – Ljubljanski grad – DLUL / Ljubljana 
MGLC Mednarodni grafični likovni center / knjiga umetnika / Eksperimentalna grafična  delavnica / Yamilys Brito Jorge iz Taller Experimental de Gráfica de la Habana / Ljubljana 

BV Galerie / Klagenfurt / Austria  
Galerija Ante Trstenjak / Ljutomer  
Festival and 4. international symposium of sculpture Re:Pannonia / Križevci pri Ljutomeru  Galerija Delavski dom Trbovlje - 23. Majski salon ZDSLU / Trbovlje  
Medžimurski muzej Čakovec – Zrinski Art Festival / Čakovec/ Hrvaška  
Adriarteko 23 / Privlaka / Hrvaška  
3rd International biennial LIKOVNE VIZIJE 2023, ETIKE(TE) – LAŽ / Novo Mesto  Drawing /Risba 12th international festival of art Kranj – ZDSLU 2023 / Kranj  Galerija Ante Trstenjak / Ljutomer  
ONCE UPON A TIME, HOW IS IT TODAY – From Picasso to Peter Weibl/ BILO JE NEKOČ IN  KAKO JE DANES? - Od Pabla Picassa do Petra Weibla / Galerija DLUM / Maribor  

Faculty of Economy / Ljubljana  
BBK Galerie / Nürnberg / Germany  
Medžimurski muzej Čakovec – Zrinski Art Festival / Čakovec/ Hrvaška  
Action week BBK Nürnberg ZDSLU / Ljubljana  
Galerija Ante Trstenjak / Ljutomer  
MGLC Mednarodni grafični likovni center- International Graphic art center / Ljubljana  Festival and 3rd international sculpture symposium Re:Pannonia / Križevci pri Ljutomeru  Galerija KIBLA PORTAL - 22. Majski salon ZDSLU / Maribor  
Kocljevina / Prosenjakovci  
Grad Sevnica – Mosconova galerija - Ajdart / Sevnica 

Galerija ZDSLU / Ljubljana  
Galerija Libertas Koper / Koper  
Artist residency at Alojz Kocjančič house / Kubed  
Faculty of Economy / Ljubljana  
1st Art colony Kocljevina / Prosenjakovci  
2nd International biennial LIKOVNE VIZIJE 2021, ETIKE(TE) – SMEH / Novo Mesto  Galerija Murska Sobota / Murska Sobota  
Festival and 2nd international sculpture sympoyium Re:Pannonia / Križevci pri Ljutomeru  21. Majski salon ZDSLU / drawing and sculpture - RISBA IN KIP / Koper  11. ArtEko Šentjanž/ art colony v Peklu / Šentjanž  
SEM-Slovenski etnografski muzej – Slovenian etnographic museum / Ljubljana  Galerie BBK VIEW / ZDSLU / SKICA BERLIN / Nürnberg / Germany  
1st painters colony Panonska vas / Tešanovci  
10th International Graphic Triennial - Bitola 2021 / Bitola/ Makedonija  Gallery Krka / Ljubljana  
NKBM Nova Gorica / Nova Gorica  

DEV9T/ Beograd/ Srbija  
Galerija ZDSLU / Ljubljana  
26th painters colony Primož Trubarj / Moravske Toplice  
Galerija DLUL / Ljubljana  
Art colony MKD Ohridski biseri / Nova Gorica  
Artist residency TIC Topla / Črna na Koroškem  
City library of Ljubljana - Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana/ Prežihov Voranc – galerija / Ljubljana  10. ArtEko Šentjanž/ art colony v Peklu / Šentjanž  
MGLC Mednarodni grafični likovni center - International Graphic art center / Megazin kuhna  / Ljubljana  
Mestna galerija Ljubljana / Umetnost v času izolacije – Art in the time of isloation Kreativnost povezuje –creativity connects 
Layerjeva hiša, galerija Mahlerca / Kranj  
NKBM Nova Gorica / Nova Gorica  

Galerija DLUL / Ljubljana  
Galerija ZDSLU / Ljubljana  
Zavod za varstvo kulturne dediščine Kranj / Kranj  
Galerija Velenje / Velenje  
Priznanje za dosežke na področju vizualne kulture – Črno in belo 8. mednarodni festival  likovnih umetnosti Kranj – ZDSLU 2019 / Kranj  
Črno in belo 8. mednarodni festival likovnih umetnosti Kranj – ZDSLU 2019 / Kranj  Layerjeva hiša, galerija Mahlerca/ Kranj  
Likovna kolonija MKD Ohridski biseri/ Nova Gorica  
7. slikarska kolonija Mkd sv. Ciril in Metod / Kranj  
Umetnostna galerija Maribor UMG / Maribor  
Festival in 1. mednarodni kiparski simpozij Re:Pannonia / Križevci pri Ljutomeru 
11. Mednarodna likovna kolonija Dosor / Radenci  
Majski salon ZDSLU 2019–slika / Ljubljana  
Viški salon / Ljubljana  
Okrajno glavarstvo jugovzhodne Štajerske / Bad Radkersburg / Avstrija  Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti / Slovenj Gradec

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