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Drawing; Comparisons, divisions, links from the series Time & Eye (2010-2022)


“Thinking about matter-the sand and the time running between the glass spheres-imagining that I look at the structure of the hourglass from outside, from above, from the unknown "future", through the upper bulb filled with hollow matter. I watch the space being emptied by the time (sand) that comes down toward the "past" passing through black and white filters. I define hollow and full spaces formed while the sand runs from the upper sphere into the lower one through the narrow opening in the centre of the hourglass. I see the first particles of sand, small fragments of matter, "black dust" falling on the illuminated floor of the past and accumulating in the centre where a black pupil takes shape, opening the eye. The more time passes, the clearer the image of the eye becomes. Through the vision of the eye, through the aperture in the structure, I move into the lower bulb. I define the bottom of the lower sphere as the place where the knowledge and experience from the past accumulate, forming the illuminated platform of history. Now, positioning my view inside the device, standing on the bottom of the platform, I look upward through the sand waterfall of the present, towards the upper sphere, as if looking from the past at the hollow black dot visible from the aperture which allows the sand in. Through the throat of the hourglass, I see the light, new spaces open, and as in reverse filters bear the image of the eye of the future.”

                                                                                                                                                          Quote taken from Time and Eye, Lea Jazbec 2010

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