Light plays a central part in my artistic practice. In my work and projects, I purposely move between media and connect them to each other. I use drawing as a translation tool to give shape to my ideas.

“Drawing is a technique that connects all other techniques.”

After a longer period of experimentation, exploring light through projections and installations with camera obscura (from 2018 onwards),  I present my new artistic production together with older work. With this selection of works, I relate to my past research, originated from drawing and its use in various media, while taking my current work and research from experimentation to implementation.

Currently, I am interested in creating installations in public spaces, both indoor and outdoor, with site-specific and space-conditioned content, projects concerning natural, cultural and industrial heritage and abandoned spaces in need of revitalization.




"The Revival of the Summer Residence of Lojze Spacal", (1907-2000), on the 20th anniversary of Spacal's death, Co-production with Tanja Spacal, curated by Janita Kosir, Skrbina, Karst, SLO

September, 2020

Screening at “Balkan Can Kino Festival & Film Symposium”,
Athens, GR

October, 2020

Solo exhibition, Pavilion NOB,
Trzic, SLO



Sebenje 40, 4294 Križe, Slovenia

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