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The Secovlje Saltworks, SLO

The inspiration for the projection of the landscape of the salt pans through the drawing was the Wind rose, which had space on the wall in the kitchen right in every saltworks house. The view over the salt pans and the abandoned seasonal residences of the salt workers opens up to the sea.

The salt workers were able to predict the weather themselves. They constantly looked at the sky, observing the shape and colour of clouds, determining the directions and characteristics of the wind, etc. In predicting the weather, the salt workers used a "Wind rose", which indicated different types of wind and its direction. They made a small hole in the centre of the wind rose and placed a tiny seed of the plant "Erodium ciconium" called "paieta" in it. It was sensitive to humidity and turned according to the wind carrying more or less humidity.

The drawing I used for the projection is a study for relief from the Time-Eye series, thinking about rotation, motion, form, matter, and light as a connection. The drawing is consistent with the geometry of the wind rose. The horizontal and vertical line and the X shape are the basis for the flower. "Iris" ..

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