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Salt panner, experimental video—camera obscura (dir. Lea Jazbec), 5'50'',  Slovenia, 2022

The experimental video was recorded for the site-specific exhibition project "Salt Field — Full and Empty", on the Secovlje  salt pans. Video projection, as a light element within the exhibition in the Caserma gallery, 2022 is part of a research project with a camera obscura: "Reconstruction of the projected image", (2018 — 2022). Light, sound-rhythm and the movement of the salt panner through the salt field are the protagonists of the short video.


Salt Field - The Traces, 2022, are a series of portraits I made for a site-specific project, The Full and The Empty, at the salt pans in Sečovlje, SLO.

The Full and The Empty- The Traces,  is a continuation of my work whereas the elements of previous works are tightly intertwined with the new production. I connect the delicate soil of the Sečovlje landscape with the artistic investigation present on my series Time-Eye (2010-21). The research  starts with a diptych relief Time and Empty Time (2010). This new body of work is site-specific and space-conditioned. I explore the relationship between full and empty within the unstable balance generated from the encounter with the soil, the salt, and all the cracks present in the salt pans. The use of image transfer allows me to document the traces of time "written" in the salt field and showcases a strong interest in the unique soil features and the existing matter, its physicality and essence. These are portraits of salt panners, workers on the salt pans who still produce salt, in the salt fields in the traditional way. The soil of the salt field is a delicate surface, which has prompted my research in recent months. The works are made by image transfer of black and white photocopies onto graphic paper, under which is the rough surface of the  salt field. The traces visible in the portraits are traces of space, the relief that is created or conditioned by the activity of the saltworkers and the natures conditions.

Laura, 2022, 20 X 23,5 cm (w/h) 

Uroš, 2022, 21 X 19 cm (w/h)  

Osman, 2022, 19,5 X 21,5 cm (w/h

Vlado, 2022, 20 X 23,5 cm (w/h)

Angel, 2022, 20 X 24 cm (w/h)

Technique: Image transfer of a digital photograph from a black and white photocopy, on the surface of a salt field

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