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                                                                                                                                                               TIME AND EMPTY TIME, diptych, sculpture-relief, 2010 

TIME / Form and matter, sculpture - relief, dried clay, glass, and rubber bands, 12,5 X 25 X 5 cm (HWL). In the sketch for the relief, the shape of the hourglass changes from the rugged chalice into the current ‘eight’ symbol (8). The hourglass’ neck represents a point of connection and division within the object. There is external X-connection due to the shape and internal X connection due to the matter.

EMPTY TIME / Full, empty and the light, sculpture-relief), dried clay, tint Black smoke 12,5 X 5 X 25cm (HWL). In the sketch for the second relief, light illuminates both full and empty containers. Once lit, the full part becomes white and the empty one appears in shadows shades of black. Light is the link between the two spheres, between the platform of the past and the platform of the future. In the drawing, there is an internal X-connection due to the light.

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