"Time and Eye", Drawing from series Time & Eye, Photo credit Lea Jazbec, 2010

"Starry sky", One week of observation, Cyanotype, Photo credit Lea Jazbec, 2020

Drawing of light, from the project "Behind the reflection" Still image from video installation, Photo credit Lea Jazbec, 2020

Experimental landscape shot, for the project "Behind the reflection", Karst, SLO, Photo credit Lea Jazbec, 2018

Drawing of light and reflection, for the project "Behind the reflection", Photo credit Lea Jazbec, 2018

Nature, Image from forest, Camera obscura, 5 mm horizontal aperture, Photo credit Lea Jazbec, 2019

Exploring different aperture of camera obscura, cut out letters HOME, Photo credit Lea Jazbec, 2019

“Iris”, “Rosa dei venti”, Drawing on projection, Salina, Sečovlje, Slovenia, Photo credit Lea Jazbec, 2020


Light plays a central part in my artistic practice. In my work and projects, I purposely move between media and connect them to each other. I use drawing as a translation tool to give shape to my ideas.

“Drawing is a technique that connects all other techniques.”

After a longer period of experimentation, exploring light through projections and installations with camera obscura (from 2018 onwards),  I present my new artistic production together with older work. With this selection of works, I relate to my past research, originated from drawing and its use in various media, while taking my current work and research from experimentation to implementation.

Currently, I am interested in creating installations in public spaces, both indoor and outdoor, with site-specific and space-conditioned content, projects concerning natural, cultural and industrial heritage and abandoned spaces in need of revitalization.




Screening at “Balkan Can Kino Festival & Film Symposium”,
Athens, GR


Lea Jazbec

Artist in residence
CSF Adams (Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia Adams)
Rome, IT



Solo exhibition,
Summer Residence of Lojze Spacal,
Skrbina, Karst, SLO



Solo exhibition, Pavilion NOB,
Trzic, SLO