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lea jazbec

“Sphaeroschwagerina Carniolica (Foram)” - is named after a limestone skeleton with holes, which was discovered in 1937 at the Dovzan Gorge above Trzic, Slovenia and listed as new species. Ecology: stationary semi-infaunal omnivore, average measurements (in mm): test 4.63 x 3.81, age range: 298.9 to 295.0 Ma, distribution: Permian. I made the light and glass installation in 2015, for “Time Titan”, a solo exhibition in the gallery of Trzic Museum in Slovenia. This exhibition project was thematically related to the place itself. With “Foram” I reflect on the aperture in the structure & the cyclic within the evolutionary.

                                                              “Each circle is just a small fraction of a long walk through the evolutionary”.


Light and glass installation, 45 pcs. of engraved glass 2mm, 50 X 50, led light, 2015

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