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 Butterfly, multimedia installation, 2010

The structure of time, as a flow from the past to the future, is the basis of this artwork. An attractive past, illuminated, bright, opposed yet intimately linked to the darkness, both real and metaphorical of the indefinite future. Between the past and the future, the set of images and objects, which the author collects and processes, gives shape to the laboratory of the 'present'.The butterfly represents the medium which gives access to the structure and allows one to perceive the flow. In this work, I reflect on materialisation, movement, and dematerialisation. The drawings’ composition, from the image’s animation inside the boxes to its disappearance, shows the butterfly’s path.

Installation view, Elaborare il lutto - Arte orfana della specie, Magazzino 3, Venice, Italy, 2010

Stop motion animation 00.00.22 sec, loop, projected from above to the transparent membrane, diameter 60 cm, three wooden boxes with engraved glass panels led lights, 2010

lea jazbec
BOX 6 BW.jpg
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