Multimedia installation

Dovzan gorge in Slovenia is the site of production of “The Reflection”. I went to the gorge, to the river, to wash the mirror that was made and engraved by my grandfather. I washed it from the views of my ancestors and recorded the video. After that, I smashed the mirror with stone and filled the hourglass with the remains of the mirror contained in the black bag.

"Reflective matter of broken mirror… The reflection is thinking… Time grows in two directions. Crystals become the pulse going in both directions between the past and the future. The distance of the extreme limits in time widen the shape and the structure turns into a tree. The crown opens to the sky, and the bottom of the hourglass is no longer the bottom of the time. Fragments of the old are being lost in the past. Some are deducted and, as shiny-thoughtful pulses, they connect with the fragments of time in arrival through the body – the X-shape of the tree”.


"Reflection", Still image video 01:00 min loop, 2012