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“My Father’s Walnut”, is an installation made of two parts, a double video that I shot at the end of September 2020, and the engraved mirror I used for the filming. The double video is a reflection of a tree in a mirror and a drawing that is created while I scratch the layer of silver coat behind the mirror. The work emerged from a period of introspection I recently went through, and the wire refers to my paternal bond. The installation refers to two of my previous works, “The Reflection” (2012) and “Nail & Eye” (2010) both from the series “Time & Eye” which I made between 2010 and 2016. In “Reflection”, I examined the shape ‘X’ of the tree and the human body. In “Nail & Eye”, I investigated the human body as the means of connection between the platforms of the present and future. The lights and shadows of the wire’s movement represent the pulses of time, light and dark, old and new and flow bi-directionally through the tree, towards its branches and roots. Hence, towards the platforms of the present and the future. While contemplating what is rough matter and what is its reflection, the front and back of the mirror recall the relationship of the opposites: positive/negative, full/empty, light/dark, old/new, known/unknown, visible/invisible, and present/absent.


One of two videos, from the video installation, short version (00:02:30)

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