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Bone, multimedia installation, 2011-2012, reflects on the human condition, stability, the problem of the angle, and immobility.


Diptych/self-timer, still image, Bone, video 0:01:00 loop, 2011

02 BW CROP_edited.jpg

The shadow of the spinal column hung in the space projected to the corner of the room connects the spine with the structure of time obtained with the use of black and white threads. The sequence of movement of the shadow draws an eight (8), trace given by the rotation of the spine.

Structure of black and white rope, spinal column, dimensions 3 X 1,5 m, installation view, Thesis, Accademia di Belle Arti, Venice, Italy,  2012

07 EQ.jpg

Glass installation, 21. pcs. engraved glass, 2 mm, dimensions 35 X 65 cm, iron base 2,5 m, installation view, Essa(Y), 2012

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